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Crm Expert

Business Automation 

By Tal

I what to share with you how simple work automation can save your business money and enhance his productivity. making the most of your time is critical especially now that everything happens in real time , businesses need to pay better attention to their work process


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New Extention - Standartize Phones

By Crm Expert

We have created a new extention for zoho crm which helps you standartize phone numbers accross your Zoho CRM account.

Will assist you with beter de dulpication of records

Better search results based on phone numbers

Better SMS deliverability

Currently adjusted only for Israel, Contact us to adjust ...

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Upload File To Zoho Docs Using PHP

By Crm Expert

This demonstrates how to use php curl for uploading files to zoho docs via zoho docs v1 api
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Adding note to a record in Zoho CRM using deluge script and connectors

By Crm Expert

This post demonstartes how to push a note to a zoho crm record using a simple custome function in deluge script and a connector to your zoho crm api v2
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New Extention - Bank Of Israel exchange rates

By Crm Expert

We have created a new extention for zoho crm based on the exchange rates of the bank of Israel.

This will create a new module "Exchange Rates" in your zoho crm account, and scheduale a daily import of the Bank Of Israel Exchange rates against the israeli sheqel for various currencies.

Check ...

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