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Adding note to a record in Zoho CRM using deluge script and connectors

13.03.19 09:41 AM

In this article i will demonstrate how to use the new deluge run time environment which Zoho released earlier this year (2018)

Connectors are used to generate an abstraction to the new Zoho CRM API V2, which was released earlier in 2018.
In the past we would have had to persist Authtokens inside the code, or a CRM variable, which was a potential failure point, security issue and required maintenance (if for example we would have canceled a token and wanted to replace it…things could suddenly stop working…)

For creating a connector log into Zoho CRM and follow this path : Setup -> Develpoer Space -> Connections

Navigate to Settings -> Developer Space -> Connections

Crete Connector

recordid= 123456789;
module = "Leads";
title = "Note title";
text = "Note text";//sensitive to \n, do not use carrige return
noteMap = Map();
url = "" + module + "/" + recordid + "/Notes";
dataList = List();
dataMap = {"data":dataList};
response = invokeUrl [
    url : url
    type : POST
    parameters : dataMap.toString()
    connection : YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME
info response;

Its that simple
No direct api Post calls

No oAuth 2.0 token refreshing managment.
hope it helps