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By - Tal
17.02.20 06:45 PM

How I Save My Client 10K a Year With Simple Automation

I what to share with you how simple work automation can save your business money and enhance his productivity. making the most of your time is critical especially now that everything happens in real time , businesses need to pay better attention to their work process

And recognize when they need to use automation. we want to show you by combining Zoho Creator and Zoho Analytic with a simple Node.js application we created very basic but powerful reports service that save time and money to our client.

The Rode Map:

        1. Understanding the client

        2. Choosing the technology

        3. The UI

        4. The Node.js back end

Understanding the client

As a part of our client workflow he used to spend a lot of time generating excel style sheets for different uses. 

is workflow was in such a way that require him to query, filter and generate each report separately. his process includes going to Zoho Analytic and filter his main data table and export it to a style sheet. 

The problem started when this process was necessary for hundreds of reports what caused his employee to spend a significant amount of time just to generating all of the company reports.

Choosing the technology

As a part of ours approach we try to keep it simple. with that in mind we choose Zoho Creator as the user interface because its release us from dealing with security and authentication and its easy to integrate with other Zoho services like the CRM and Analytic.

The second part was the platform for creating the excel sheets and send it to the client. We choose Node.js as our back-end because as a small service Node.js is very easy and fast to establish, theirs a large amount of free Liberians to do all-most everything and it's very easy to Deploy it to other platforms like Heroku and Azure.

For the readers that not familiar with Zoho creator this is a very powerful platform for creating form based application and data storing .

for more information , check     

The UI

The creator simple drag and drop let us create in a manner of minutes a simple UI that was made of one text box (for email) and
two date selector.

in addition we created another report/view in Zoho Creator and with a simple script we fetched all of the relevant records ids and easily let the user choose witch reports to include in the process .

in the end all the user need to do is to insert email to the text box (creator validate for us the email structure) pick range of dates and press submit , behind the scenes Zoho creator  send POST HTTPS request with the dates , email and the selected ids to the Node.js back-end .

The Node.js back end
the Node Server exposed one rout for the requests from Zoho Creator .
with the data that sent from creator we requesting the relevant tables from Zoho Analytic and generating the excel sheets.

we used excel4node (you can check it out on GitHub  - to generate the excel sheets very easily     and finely we send it to the user's email that we received in the request.

In Conclusion

work automation can save your business money. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are or if you need small or complex automation by Understanding that you spend a lot of time on a process that can happen in seconds is the first step to a better business workflow. 

More Info About the Zoho Services We Used In This Project:

Zoho Analytic

 (previously, Zoho Reports) is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes. 

some of the tables and reports that zoho analytic let you create:

  • New Table / Import Data - Create a data table by importing data from a wide range of sources.

  • 2. Query Table - Create a table using a SELECT Query(SQL) in any database dialect.
  • 3. Chart View - Chart View allows you to create a graphical view using different types of charts.
  • 4. Pivot View - Pivot View allows you to view data summarized in a grid both in horizontal and vertical columns.
  • 5. Summary View - Summary View allows you to view data with grouping and data summaries.
  • 6. Tabular View - Tabular View provides you a way to list your values in a simple tabular format.
  • 7. Dashboard - Dashboard allows you to combine multiple reports in a single page for a quick overview     

       * for more details check

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a cloud software to create custom applications on your own without any prior coding experience or IT expertise. 

Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop interface enables you to create custom business applications in days rather than weeks . 

with Zoho Creator you can Automate everyday tasks, and streamline data management. Get rid of tedious work and focus on building your business.

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